Saturday, July 23, 2005


One of the favorite things we like to do at the Alexandria Hotel is hunting for ghosts and trying to capture their images on a digital camera. For some reason the digital camera creates a denser atmosphere, one that makes it easier for the ghosts to impinge their images. We have had good success, particularly when submitting the images to computer processes like PhotoImpressions.

There are always lots of ghosts at the Alexandria Hotel. Among the best places to find them are the two abandoned ballrooms on the 2nd floor at 4:00 AM with a low light camera. Very spooky.

By ghosts I don’t mean we are going to bump into somebody’s dead mother or the ghost of Rudolf Valentino. What we find are more like nature spirits. Entities that are not human and never were human yet can form an image on wrinkled aluminum foil or in a digital camera. Shadow people that inhabit the empty places and dark spaces between where one thing leaves off and another begins. The Watchers or Observers with solitary eyes and cowled heads with pointed hoods. Entities formed of light reflections. Ambiguous figures one changing into another like the phantom figures in an abstract painting by Pollack or De Kooning.

They love the ballrooms, but also love the lights of the city skyline at night, window reflections, all electronic equipment, scenes from nature, foliage, leaves, room interiors with subdued lights and steep shadows, refuse, rubbish, clutter, cellophane, mirrors, particularly one mirror reflected into another, and images distorted through a refractive lens or a teardrop prism. The ones I have photographed are static, still images, as is characteristic of one of the levels of the lower astral plane. However, my friend Art Posey has videoed the images as they form and are called into being. This was never possible before the digital camera.


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One of my best memories involves a gathering of friends to watch a one-man show (Casey) in the infamous "Ballroom" of the Alexandria Hotel between 3:00 and 4:00 am. And yes, I knew we were not alone!
With the beautiful chandelier, hardwood floor, and balcony seating, it all added to the ambience of the place. You can just feel the history in that place!. If the walls could talk, I am sure there would be some stories to tell! But since the walls can not talk we are left the the "ghosts" or "entities" whichever, but either way they both gave me the "hebbie-jebbies"!
especially late at night walking in the halls, I sometimes ran to the elevator! (for some reason, I never felt them there) Is thre some significant reason behind that?

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