Monday, July 11, 2005


I live at the Alexandria Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. I am 59, disabled, and live on a fixed income. The Alexandria is right for me because it is “affordable housing”. The surrounding environs are grim and caustic and can be dangerous, particularly to someone from another part of town. But once inside the Alexandria it’s heavy security acts like a firewall to filter out unwanted elements and your reality can be what you create it to be.

On or before June 22, 2005, amid rumors of its impending sale, the L.A. Times published an elaborate 4 page article about the hotel complete with lavish photographs and detailed history. I don’t have a subscription to the Times and seldom read it, preferring to get my news from television. I finally saw the article July 4, when a friend and fellow resident circulated a copy. I felt that the article effectively reflected the ambiance, the walk/talk, of the atmosphere of the building.

One of the people interviewed about the building was Celia (no last name), a seven year resident of the hotel (I’ve lived here three) who publishes a web log, I punched in the web address and was introduced to a new world. Blogging. Through Celia’s blog, I discovered a number of other bloggers from downtown L.A. who have their own blogs and comment on each other’s blogs. I was impressed by the quality of the ideas and information communicated. Also by the ease of posting.

Now I have my own blog, and this is my third posting. I look forward to participating in the exchange of ideas in the on-line community of downtown L.A.


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